Protect, care and refresh yourself

Weider innovates with the first collagen waters that help you protect your joints and make your skin look good. Two refreshing collagen drinks to enjoy joint health and a simple and delicious way to keep your good-looks.

Their formula contains optimized high-quality collagen peptides (Verisol®), so it is a very efficient way to take collagen and refresh. Plus, it’s non-carbonated, contains no sugar, and no fats, and only supplies 9.2 kcal per bottle.

It’s available in two formats, Beauty and Sport. Beauty Water Collagen is backed by scientific studies that have proven it protects the skin and helps to improve skin firmness and to delay the appearance of wrinkles. Water Collagen Sport is a remarkable source of proteins which are so necessary to regenerate muscles and cells after physical exercise and to replenish your daily energy.

Weider’s Water Collagen is the ideal companion to a healthy lifestyle. A new way of taking your collagen, care for yourself and just feel great!

Montse Vargas

Responsable de Comunicación Online y Community Manager en Weider Nutrition S.L.