As the benchmark in sports nutrition at ACE16 because of its location, design and, of course, Team Weider itself, Weider’s was one of the most visited stands in the fair. Barcelona hosted the sixth edition of this fitnes and bodybuilding fair and Weider Nutrition again made an outstanding effort with an agenda full of innovations that captured everyone’s attention.

A great welcome for Better Nutrition

Our Better Nutrition line meets athletes’ needs and those of the general public who demand more from their food. Weider responds with healthy products, made, as always, from the best raw materials and with a delicious taste and texture.

Hundreds of curious onlookers took part in the two show cooking sessions, where Stefy Active and Lorena OnFit prepared delicious pancakes, muffins and protein pizzas. They also had the opportunity to try them at our tasting bar and many had seconds. Soon, we’ll expand this line with new products that this sector is requesting.

Spectacular exhibits

The variety of athletes with whom Weider has worked this year were a great attraction for the public who enjoyed the fitness and body fitness exhibits and also the sports challenges the Protein Force team set for the public.

Our new Team Weider members. Lorea Onfit, Ruben Garcia and Jonathan Bueno, belong to the new generation of young athletes who are beginning to take their first steps into the world of fitness and have a large number of followers on social networks. They, along with consecrated athletes like Angel Higueras, Oriol Asensio or Rakel Ramos, captured the public’s attention with their exhibitions. The athletes demonstrated their physical abilities, signed autographs and posed with fans.

Workshops and Seminars

Stefy Activa and Lorena OnFit gave a seminar on nutrition for women, in which many girls discovered the keys to a healthy and natural diet and the secrets of competitive sport.

Miguel Ángel Martínez, who has coached many champions, attracted the attention of many athletes with a fascinating visualization exercise to improve athletes’ fitness levels and to get the most out of each one.

New products for 2016

Another major attraction was the several new lines that we presented at the fair. At Weider we never stop researching and innovating, so we continue to offer new high-quality products, adapted to athletes’ needs. These are the new products:

  • OAT PROTEIN PIZZA: is the ideal product for helping you lead a healthy lifestyle, but without giving up those little indulgences that you enjoy so much! This is a preparation for making pizza bases, with a delicious mixture of oat flour and high-quality proteins. 100% delicious, with an incredible, intense Mediterranean flavor.
  • PROTEIN TOMATOAt Weider we have created a product just for you that will help you make an exquisite tomato sauce, containing 51% vegetable protein, mainly obtained by isolating pea protein, one of the best vegetable proteins that you can use, as it has a very high nutritional and biological value.
  • WHEY PROTEIN WHITE SPREADA delicious whey protein cream spread with a delicious white chocolate flavor, ideal for giving yourself a treat while watching your figure.
  • NUTPROTEIN CHOCO CRUNCHY SPREADDelicious chocolate spread with chunks of hazelnut to give it just the crunch that you are looking for. Made from high-quality whey protein and containing less than 80 kcal per serving, so you can add a chocolate caprice to your diet. Taking care of yourself has never been so easy or so tasty!
  • ORGANIC COCONUT SYRUP is an ideal product for sweetening all kinds of foods and beverages. This 100% natural syrup has a neutral taste and is the sweetener with a low glycemic index that you were searching for.WAXI MAIZE: is an innovative cornstarch-based, sugar- and fat-free product with 99% amylopectin to give you energy ultra-fast. Very easy to digest and enriched with vitamin C and magnesium to optimize energy metabolism.

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