Maximum protection and recuperation

  • Immune and muscular protection
  • Anti-catabolic amino acid

L-Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid abundant in the muscle tissue and it is essential for various metabolic functions:
• Due to its abundance in the muscles, it is essential in the prevention of muscle protein deterioration, thereby preventing unwelcome catabolic conditions. It acts directly on protein synthesis.
• It helps muscular recuperation after intense training sessions and therefore it is essential in the prevention of over-training.
• It is fundamental for correct functioning of the immune system.
• It helps to reposition muscular glycogen deposits and therefore it speeds up the muscular recuperation process.
• It also acts as a cell voluminizer, by improving the hydration of the muscle cells.

Directions for Use

Mix one portion with 100 ml of water and take 5g with breakfast and another 5g after training

Size / Flavour

Tin 300g (60 porcions)

Nutritional Information

100% L-glutamine.

Per porcion
L-Glutamine 5 g



Combine with Super Nitro Whey after training for optimal muscular recuperation.