Prevents Muscle Cramps

  • Magnesium (Mg) delays the onset of muscle cramps
  • With an extra of Potassium (K) to boost its effect
  • Supports electrolyte balance

Victory Endurance has developed this innovative product, MAGNESIUM PLUS GEL, made up of Magnesium in gel form that will allow you to take this essential mineral in a quick and simple fashion while exercising.

Since it is combined with Potassium to improve its effectiveness, this gel provides more than Magnesium. Recommended for all kinds of athletes especially for endurance athletes because magnesium levels tend to decrease in physically demanding sports.

What are its ingredients and how do they work?

- Magnesium (Mg): It is key for proper muscle functioning. Together with Calcium, Magnesium is involved in the contraction/relaxation mechanism (calcium contracts the muscle and magnesium relaxes it). According to EFSA this mineral is essential in many functions: it is especially related to neuromuscular transmission processes (a normal function of the nervous system and psychological functioning), electrolyte balance, release of energy (normal energy metabolism) and supports reducing delay and fatigue. It also contributes to a normal function of muscles, protein synthesis, cell division process, etc. Demanding and intense physical exercise may lead athletes to suffer muscle cramps and these may increase when there is a loss of Potassium and other minerals (electrolytes).

- Potassium: An intramuscular electrolyte involved in the acid-base balance, muscle contraction (normal muscle function) and neuromuscular activity (normal function of the nervous system).

Directions for Use

Take 1 gel during exercise preferably before the appearance of muscle cramps.

Size / Flavour

One dosis of 35 ml. Flavour: Tropical.


– To increase its effectiveness take one gel before and another during the training/race. – To prevent dehydration and electrolyte loss always combine with Iso-Energy and/or Salt Caps.

Nutritional Information

Water, magnesium gluconate, fructose, acidulants (citric acid and malic acid), gelling agents (xanthan gum and carboxymethylcellulose), aromas, potassium chloride, sweeteners (sodium cyclamate and acesulfame potassium) and preservatives (potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate).

Per 35 ml
Energy 41 kJ/ 10 Kcal
Fats 0 g
Carbohydrates 2,3 g
Fibre 0,18 g
Magnesium 200 mg (53%*)
Potassium 17,5 mg (0,88%*)
*% NRV: Nutrients Reference Values