We are pleased to introduce to you Mr. William B. Robbs, as our new Managing Director of Weider Germany. With decades of experience as a former Professional athlete, Global Brand Ambassador, and a proven record of leadership in Sr. VP positions from sales, marketing and product development – Bill’s appointment is a clear reflection of our purpose and commitment to dominate the global sports nutrition market for the next 80 years!



I was first introduced to Weider by Mr. Rick Blair in a local gym back in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, over 25 years ago. I was an undergraduate student at the time, spending hours as a volunteer fitness coach at the gym where Mr. Blair was a member. At the time, I was preparing for Medical School. My passion in life has always been human performance – to understand how to build the human body bigger, faster and stronger – and I exercised my passion through education and fitness. Medicine was how I intended to pursue this passion.

When Rick and I met, he took the time to learn of my goals and dreams. He saw potential in me that I didn’t see in myself, and invited me to do something I never would have considered. He asked if I was interested in using my desire to help people gain health and fitness through nutritional supplements, instead of in the hospital. This pivotal moment has forever changed my life. A short week later, and upon thoughtful discussion with my wife, I began my lifetime career in nutrition for Weider. Here I am now, at nearly 50 years of age, and still recognize this as one of the best decisions I have ever made.

My children understand this passion best. Ask any one of them and they will tell you I am absolutely obsessed with fitness. Since my inception at Weider, I have used our products daily for over 25 years. Whether to support my personal physical goals, improve my performance as an avid CrossFitter, or as a Weider sponsored athlete – Weider sports nutrition has been there for me through it all. I rely on our products to impact my fitness and improve the quality of my life, and can confidently express to everyone on our team, I am a product of this product.


My wife, Wendy Robbs, and myself have lived full lives. Over the last 28 years we’ve raised three sons, and a daughter. We are now proud grandparents of four little boys, and expecting the birth of our first granddaughter within the next few weeks. We love each of them dearly and consider ourselves blessed to have them.

Family is at the center of everything we do, and we express our gratitude for the warm welcome we have received into the Weider Germany family. We have spent the last two months living, and now currently reside, in Hamburg, Germany. We love the culture and the people we have met. Though neither of us speak German, we are learning the language day by day. I look forward to get to know each of you better, to serve our employees, customers, suppliers, distributors and communities surrounding Weider Germany.


These three principles are the philosophical core that drive Weider success. They are also the building blocks that have helped guide me and my actions throughout my life. You have my personal commitment that as the global leader in fitness and sports nutrition, Weider will continue to generate our success upon these principles. We will conduct all our activities with integrity, respect, and teamwork. And we will use these principles to guide each of our daily actions.

We are on a journey of change and growth, there will certainly be challenges, but we will respect the process, and we will come off conquerors. Regardless of the turmoil going on in the world around us, we will not be impacted, but we will stand strong, and we will stand together. We will positively manage todays challenges just as we have positively navigated through challenges past. The quality experience we deliver to our customers, the strength of our brand, and the primary reason for our current and future success, is the strength of the Weider family.

I am both honored and excited to lead our talented team, and to get to know each of you personally. Together we will build upon the established relationships of integrity, respect, and teamwork maintained in the Weider family. We are where we today are because of YOU! Your contribution counts. Every individual on our team matters. Let us press forward with hope and excitement for the great things to come.

We may look back with proudness toward the many accomplishments over the last 80 years, and look forward to the many opportunities and challenges that lay ahead. I believe in each and every one of you, and have never been more proud to be your partner in this journey.

Montse Vargas

Responsable de Comunicación Online y Community Manager en Weider Nutrition S.L.