I’ll start in January. This time I mean it!

The new year starts and there are long queues at the gym, supplement stores and signing up for appointments with nutrition coaches. We all set the same goal every 365 days “Well, in January I’ll start taking care of myself, I’m going to start a new lifestyle, blah, blah, blah…”. And that superhuman effort runs through your blood for about 15 or 20 days, but then it gets to February, or March the latest, and you are back to your old habits.

Let’s look at this. What’s going wrong? Why do we fall into the same trap year after year, running in a vicious circle?

It’s not about loving your goals. It’s about loving yourself.

I’d say that, in my case, for many reasons but there’s one especially significant: You don’t take yourself seriously. That simple. You prioritize a thousand other things: your job, your home, your family, paying the bills, pampering yourself with material goods, keeping up a hectic social life, but yourself? Where are you in all this?

When my clients start a nutrition plan with me, I tell them something very simple and straightforward: It’s not about loving your goal, it’s about loving yourself.

Not taking yourself to heart, lack of self-respect, lack of commitment, lack of self-love. Take yourself seriously for once! You are the priority in your life. Period.

And all this “nutrition coach” talk that is now so hype is the key, my dear Weiderians. I could give you a hundred nutritional tips, a thousand examples of meals, recommend you the best products, but nothing works without all that I just mentioned.

New Habits, New Life

Once we have understood this, we can start our definitive plan to start and consolidate our new habits:

  • Down with diets: Don’t follow a diet, make peace with food, eat real food. No more pineapple diet or a diet with replacement meals. Start the year connecting with something as simple and necessary as good hearty foods and good natural cooking.
  • No matter what your goal is, remember: small steps and short-term goals, but always keeping in mind your long-term goal. Better focus on enjoying the process, without hurrying, and try to experience the change little by little without worrying the time it takes to achieve your end goal.
  • Extremes are always unhealthy: Don’t be too hard with yourself. Accept and respect your downs, those days when you eat something not-that-healthy. It’s ok, just start again the following day.
  • Nutrition – exercise – rest: Keep a balance between these three and your body will be grateful.
  • Adapt your nutrition to your schedule and your life, and not the other way around. There’s no need for perfection here. I mean that if you can’t make the typical 5 meals, you’re still fine. If you can only have two snacks during the day and eat a larger meal at 6 pm and later a light dinner, that’s perfectly fine. If you can’t train 5 days a week, nothing will stop you from reaching your goal. Make adaptations so that your nutrition and workout plans fit your needs and your life. We’re all different, there’s not one size plan that fits all. But always keep in mind that it’s essential to meet these needs:
    • Real food
    • Physical activity (that fits into your life)
    • Reduce stress, have me-time and serenity
    • No toxins. Stay away from smoke, sugar, fast food, sweeteners, alcohol, negative thoughts…
    • Get a good rest
  • And, of course, I’m going to recommend my favorite supplements to help you achieve your goal because they are the cherry on top of this fabulous healthy dessert. They’re extremely helpful if you follow all the recommendations I gave you above.
    • Fat Burner: excellent thermogenic product that will give that extra push of energy to “burn” more fat while working out. Plus, it will also help you control your appetite.
    • L-Carnitine caps or L-Carnitine tablets: the lipotropic supplement par excellence, with the Carnipure© quality seal. It helps transport fat more quickly so that it can be burnt as energy.

Now you have it all:

  • Motivation
  • Self-love
  • Nutrition-exercise-healthy habits
  • The best supplements
  • This time is for real. So go for it!

Celeste González

Celeste González

Nutricionista, entrenadora, ex-competidora fitness y amante del deporte y de un estilo de vida saludable.