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When you go to the gym and ask the oldest chap about Mega Mass 2000, he’ll say “Gush, I had that when I was young. It was the first shake I had when there was almost nothing to buy in the market.”

Certainly true. Founder and pioneer of this sport, JOE WEIDER designed this product years and years ago, and it was so successful that it has always been available in the market. For generations, Mega Mass 2000 has helped men and women to build muscle mass.

I must say that WEIDER NUTRITION team never lags behind. They love to research and look for new formulas to give you the absolute best. What I mean by all this is that Mega Mass 2000 is a classic, but state-of-the-art, because it has history but also gets better with time. Its composition has only improved with all its innovative ingredients to bring the best results. The name stays, but the composition gets better.

To spare you the technicalities and in a nutshell, I want to showcase the differences between the New Mega Mass 2000 and the previous version. (Comparison based on Chocolate Flavor)

Protein per 100 gr: 19 gr both, but with differences:

  • New:
    • 3 types of Whey for an ideal aminogram: Whey protein concentrate, Whey Protein isolate, Hydrolized Whey protein
    • Pea Protein Isolate
    • Egg White Protein
  • Previous: Soy Isolate and Whey Concentrate

Carbohydrates per 100 gr:

  • New: 67 gr, of which 8,1 gr only are sugar. Composition: Corn Maltodextrin, Wheat Starch, Corn Flour, Corn Starch and Potato Starch.
  • Previous: 68 gr of which 47 were sugar. Composition: Dextrose, Maltodextrin and Fructose.

Fat per 100 gr: fats have been added to neither of them. It contains only the fats naturally occurring.

  • New: 2,3 gr
  • Previous: 2,9 gr

Salt per 100 gr:

  • New: 0,23 gr
  • Previous: 0,43 gr

In addition, every portion (90 gr) contains 50% of the daily needs of the main Vitamins, Zinc, Iron, Iodine and Magnesium.

Below this article you will find the link to download technical sheet with all the nutritional facts and information.


An A for this new and even better Mega Mass 2000.

Celeste González
Nutritionist, trainer, ex-fitness competitor and sports & healthy lifestyle lover.

Montse Vargas

Responsable de Comunicación Online y Community Manager en Weider Nutrition S.L.