By now, you’re bound to have heard of the benefits of collagen, both for joint health and for beauty. This will be of particular interest if you’re recovering from an injury or if you suffer from genetic or wear-related pain, but you’re not really sure of the cause.

The market is full of products focused on joint care, which is no surprise, since 65% of the population aged 35 or over has experienced joint pain at least once in the past year.

If you’re thinking about including it as a supplement to your diet, but you don’t know which product to choose, this guide will be very useful: 

1. Choose hydrolyzed collagen

Hydrolyzed collagen (or collagen peptides) supplements have amino acid chains that have been “broken” to make them easier to digest and easier for the body to absorb.

Brands like Peptan® are obtained using very good manufacturing processes. Peptan® collagen is hydrolyzed (broken up) through an enzymatic process which maintains all of the properties of the bioactive peptides. This encourages easy absorption and high bioavailablity.

Top of the list when it comes to choosing a collagen!

2. Sources

Bovine, porcine, fish or ovine. You’ll find several different collagen sources on the market. Depending on your needs, and as long as the quality as good (you can always go for a trusted brand that guarantee quality, such as Peptan®), any of them can be a good source of collagen. The important thing is to choose one that contains enough actual collagen and includes the right ingredients.

3. Dose:

You should choose a collagen that provides an effective dose at between 9 and 10 g a day.

4. Capsules or Powder?

Whatever you find more convenient, but you should bear in mind that it can be difficult to get that dose with capsules as you’d have to take lots of capsules every day. With powder, you just need one scoop mixed with water or your favorite drink.

5. What other ingredients should I consider?

When it comes to choosing a product, think about your goal:

  •    If you’re concerned about joint pain, go for products that include active ingredients with an anti-inflammatory action such as turmeric; ingredients that promote joint hydration, like hyaluronic acid; or vitamins and minerals, specifically magnesium and silicon, which contribute to good bone function, and vitamin C, which supports collagen formation.

Taking collagen is great, but choosing a product like Weider Collagen is even better as the action of the collagen is boosted thanks to its formulation, which is designed to deliver excellent results.

  •     If you want healthy skin, hair and nails, you’re in luck, as we also have other collagen-based products with enhanced action with ingredients like SkinaxTM, a complex that helps prevent oxidative stress and skin aging, and minerals like zinc, which helps look after your skin, hair and nails. One great option is Beauty Collagen from Weider.

Finally, whenever possible, you should always choose products that have no fat, sugar, additives or preservatives. This is always a very desirable thing when choosing a product you’ll be taking every day, at least for a time.

We hope that from now on, you’ll always make the right decision!