That’s the burning question when you put on your cycling jersey. If you can’t answer right away the Joker will come and it’ll be too late. Now seriously, nutrition is key and this “small” detail may wreck a whole competition’s preparation period.

Not so long ago, we could only count on solid food, but in the last few years gels have arrived in the market. In a few words, gels are food in liquid format with quicker absorption rates. In theory this answers the question: always go for a gel. But gels don’t sit well on all stomachs. And eating a bar while running, may be a hassle. Later we were offered gummies, halfway between gels and bars.

Gummies bring many advantages, at least in my opinion. The first is texture: It’s just like a gummy bear. You melt it in your mouth as you continue exercising. If you need a quick supply, you can easily chew and swallow it. Plus it has the advantage, when compared to a traditional bar it’s easier to digest.

Energy Jelly Bar: The Bar Revolution

Sports supplements continue evolving and Victory Endurance is introducing an innovation: The Energy Gel Bar. It looks like a bar but has the texture of a gummy. Kind of a companion to Energy Boost Gummies which contain caffeine.

For those who believe these bars are just candy, let me tell you more. With a ratio of 2-1-1 of BCAAs, Arginine, and Taurine, they contain the most relevant ingredients of their cousin the gels. It’s not just pure carbs. In addition, these new bars include electrolytes and beetroot juice. Let me remind you that beetroot is rich in nitrates, which are nitric oxide precursors, a vasodilating substance that boosts oxygenation and improves performance during prolonged physical exercise. I think this product is very complete in its composition, format and texture. Besides, its size is very convenient to carry in your hand and continue running, or eat one with the other hand on the handlebar. And the last tasty bit: the cherry and watermelon flavors are very, very well done and convincing.

Proper nutrition is key to athletic success, now you can choose between traditional gels or go for a perfect jelly bar. But in my experience, there are times when you just can’t go for another gel, and your heartbeat doesn’t allow for chewing a traditional bar. That’s why, in my view, this new bar format is an absolute success.