Our vision


WEIDER is an Active Nutrition company headquarters in the US and offices throughout the world with over 80 years of expertise. Our Mission is to provide consumers with the most innovative high quality products that Nutritional Sciences has to offer for living a longer, stronger and healthier life.

Since 1936, the WEIDER Family and brand has developed innovative dietary supplements based off these important aspects:

·       PASSION: for sports and an active healthy lifestyle that drives us to maintain constant innovation in our products

·       QUALITY: Meeting all manufacturing and nutritional standards

·       SCIENCE: Ingredients proven to deliver efficacious benefits the consumer wants

·       KNOWLEDGE: Worldwide network involving all aspects of health and well-being drawing always from the input of our clients and athletes

·       TRUST: Products you can rely on to deliver upon your goals

·       INTEGRITY: Our history of integrity has allowed us to maintain long-lasting relationships with all the stakeholders in the industry.     



Our aim is to be a global leader in sports nutrition and health supplements, to be known for our contribution to raising the quality of life of those who enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle and a healthy diet, based on smart nutrition.



  • Passion for sport, for innovation, for nutrition – passion that drives us to surpass ourselves every day
  • Belief in our history, our mission, our employees, our partners and in our clients
  • Like in sport, our urge to excel means that we will only achieve our goals by striving to produce better products and better ways of reaching our customers. We set ever higher goals to meet the customers’ expectations
  • Honesty and integrity in our relations with all the stakeholders in the industry, which favors long-term relationships