Weider History

Today it is universally accepted that to be healthy one must exercise and eat a nutritionally balanced diet.  But it wasn’t always that way.  The world owes this understanding to the lifelong efforts of Joe Weider. Joe Weider was a pioneer in the field of bodybuilding and supporting specific diets with the aid of supplements. For many years, this man from Montreal used his knowledge to help people around the world to live an active and healthy life and to improve their performance when working out.

Joe Weider is recognized as the man who changed the way the world understands the connection between exercise, nutrition, and good health.  He created the famous fitness magazine empire that was the first to bring information about training, nutrition, and his beloved sport, bodybuilding, to men and women eager to improve their physical lives.  He created, popularized and sold machinery and weights that are seen in gyms and homes everywhere and his belief in nutritional supplements was instrumental in the formation of today’s huge vitamin and supplement industry. Today the WEIDER name is synonymous with health and fitness.

WEIDER has earned the trust of health-conscious people for one simple reason — for well over half a century, we have put the quality and efficacy of our products above everything else.


The History of Sport Nutrition Video